National University College Transfer Application 2018

NU College Transfer: Like Other University, National University has an application process that allows students to transfer their College. You must meet some certain Rules, Terms and Conditions which are provided by the NU Authority for National University College Transfer Application.  Follow this article to get, NU College Transfer Application System and Process, Terms and Conditions, Apply Instruction and Getting Approval of National University Transfer College.

NU College Transfer
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National University College Transfer Application 

Rules, Terms and Conditions:

  • An applicant can apply for NU transfer College after completing the first year [That also includes publication of Result]
  • A Govt. College Student can apply for transfer to another govt. college. Just Like, An Non Govt. College Student can apply to non govt. college.
  • If a student getting chance to a college but not get admitted into that college rather than getting admitted into another college by Release slip, she/he will not get a permission to apply for the previous college.
  • Applicant’s Guardian is transfer to another district for employment process [Only for Govt./Semi- Govt. Employee]
  • If A female applicant got married.
  • You cannot transfer college from the same district [This rules is relax able only for female applicant in ‍special Cases]
  • Transportation or resident Problem.
  • Parents Dead.
  • Student can apply only one time for National University transfer application.

 NU College Transfer

Application Process:

If you are eligible and meet the rules & Condition, You can apply through National University Official Website in Student Login Section. The Transfer Application Has four Process.

First, You need to Register yourself with the National University, Second Apply for Transfer Application, Third Pay the Application Processing Fees and Fourth is getting approval by the both NU and College Authority.

National University Student Registration System:

First, you need to go the official website of National University and There Service Section and go to Student Login Option.


  1. Visit-
  2. Click on Student Registration for registered yourself
  3. It will show your information, If its correct click proceed
  4. Input your Information [Course, Session, Registration Number/ Admission Roll]
  5. Click Registration Button

Then, In Next page, it will give you an auto generated Student ID, Save it Future References

  1. Fill up all other information [Password, Phone Number, E-mail Address, Gender]
  2. Type the Captcha Code
  3. Click Save button

After completing the primary process of registration, you need to complete the registration process. For completing the registration process:

  1. Visit-
  2. Login with your Student ID and Password
  3. Now, fill up all the required information [upload a Photo, Fill up S.S.C and H.S.C Information]
  4. Click, Update Profile Button

After completing the registration, you will redirect to your Dashboard and go for transfer Application

National University Transfer Application System:

  1. Go to your Dashboard and From Left Side Menu Bar Click Academic Services
  2. Then, it will show you all academic service information
  3. Select, Transfer Application and then you will see the transfer application Page.
  4. In Transfer Application Page, First Select your Target College Name
  5. Then Upload the Required Attachments [See the Necessary Documents Section]
  6. Click Browse to upload documents type the heading [Uploading Paper Title]
  7. And Add more button for add one or more documents
  8. Give the Reason in the reason box
  9. Click Proceed
  10. Then Download the Sonali Sheba Pay Slip to pay the Application Fees.

[Necessary Documents]

In Necessary Attachment Section, You have to upload three types of Documents. One is your academic Documents, other is reasoning Documents and other is your Parents Permission Letter.

[Academic Attachment]

  1. First Year Final Admit Card
  2. Registration Card
  3. First Year Result

[Reasoning Documents]

  • Guardian Transfer- Required Documents
  1. Transfer Order by the righteous authority.
  2. Joining Letter
  3. Employee ID Card
  4. Deed of Consent Paper [Permission]
  • Female Married Women- Required Documents
  1. Marriage Certificate
  2. Husband National Id Card
  • Parents Dead- [Required Documents]
  1. Dead Certificate by the righteous authority
  • Transportation/Resident Problem- [Required Documents]
  1. Student Birth Certificate/Character Certificate
  2. Parents National ID Card

Necessary Documents: Parents Permission Letter

You need to write a parents’ permission letter and get signed by your parents for National University transfer application. You can find a Parents Permission Letter Format in the Download Section Below.


Third, Pay the Application Processing Fee by the Sonali Sheba Challan at your Nearest Sonali Bank Limited Branch.

Payment Amount146 [with Bank and other Charges]
Payment SystemSonali Sheba Challan
BankSonali  Bank Limited [Any Branch]


Fourth, Waiting the NU Approval of your application. It may takes 3-7 Working days based on your application and Attachments.

To Check Your Application Status:

  1. Visit-
  2. Login with your Student ID and Password
  3. In Academic Service Request List [you can find your application Status]

After Several Verification and Permission by College and NU Authority, you will be approved for your transfer Application. After that, You need to pay the Transfer Fees- 1000 TK.

Now, Your Transfer Application has completed.

For More Information about National University Transfer College: Visit-

Download Section:

Parents Permission Letter Format

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